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About BPC

Mission & Vision

Birmingham Prep is a small-group Christian ministry dedicated to the development of post-graduate students through spiritual growth, academic achievement and athletic success in pursuance of further opportunities in both Division I, Division II and NAIA athletics. At Birmingham Prep, the mission is to progress and nurture the whole student through their academic, athletic and spiritual development. The Birmingham Prep administration and staff are committed to progress and constant self-evaluation and improvement in which we, as a program, can achieve more for our students. Our main focus is developing the entire student through academic achievement, spiritual fulfillment and athletic development. Working the mission is extremely important at Birmingham Prep. We find that embracing our mission of preparing our students for lives of importance includes developing the whole student-athlete. Students of Birmingham Prep will have reached a new level of their potential as a student and will have the vision and tools to achieve their full potential at a 4-year university. Our commitment to the development of the whole student establishes a firm foundation on which students will achieve new heights at their next destination. As an institution, we push our students to be the best and strive for their full potential.

The Cardinal Story
Birmingham Prep is a new Prep Organization re-branded from Alabama Prep-Birmingham. This organization is now owned and operated by Tim Sanders who has renamed and re-branded the organization to the Birmingham Prep Cardinals. The name and color change to the Cardinals comes as an homage to Coach Sanders' Wife Keri Beth and her late 16-year-old son Mical. It is long believed that a visit by a cardinal signals a visit by a lost love one. The color red is also extremely symbolic in the Christian faith linked to the blood of Christ and a symbol of steadfast faith. Additionally, cardinal is the predominant color worn and name of the highest priestly order in the Catholic Church. Therefore, to not only honor the memory of Mical Parker but anyone that we hold dear no longer with us, while also signifying a steadfast faith in God. With this mentality, it is important for Birmingham Prep to achieve the development of the whole student-athlete.

About Us
Birmingham Prep is a post-graduate or junior-college program that specializes in assisting those athletes who, for whatever reason, have failed to academically qualify for NCAA Division I or II or feel that they went unnoticed by college football teams because of their high school situation. For example, some of our athletes play at small 1 or 2A schools that do not receive attention from big colleges who frequent games of larger, more metropolitan schools. Additionally, in athletics injuries happen. Our program will offer an opportunity to a player who was highly recruited but then injured his senior season costing him an offer to play at the next level. Birmingham Prep offers an avenue for players to take as little or as many classes in order to boost GPA or test scores while not officially beginning their collegiate eligibility. Our program provides flexibility to meet the needs of the student-athlete.

Academic Philosophy
Players are offered flexibility in their academic journey through Birmingham Prep. A player can take as few as 3-6 hours and as many hours as they choose. However, many of the players come here with designs on taking 9 or fewer hours and signing with a 4-year school in January without losing a playing year of eligibility. Birmingham Prep offers a distance learning model in which players take their classes online. This model allows players freedom to make their own schedule while also producing academic results. Other players choose to take the traditional class model where they regularly attend classes with a traditional teacher, in-class model. Some students learn better in a social, in-class educational environment and we provide that option for them.