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Q: What differentiates Birmingham Prep from other prep programs?
A: Birmingham Prep develops the whole student-athlete as we are a small-group ministry as well as a prep/JuCo program. We believe that our student-athlete's spiritual development is just as important as both athletic and academic. Birmingham Prep attends Church of the Highlands, which is a non-denominational church here in Birmingham and encourages our players to remain close to Christ regardless of their Christian religious affiliation. Birmingham Prep in no way endorses or attempts to push a particular Christian faith, however encourages a continual relationship with God.

Q: What type of students does Birmingham Prep accept?
A: Birmingham Prep prides itself on its ability to accommodate different types of student-athletes. There are two categories of player within our program terminology; Prep or JuCo players. A prep player includes recent high school graduates who are reclassifying in order to add additional film because of an injury or under-recruitment. Within the prep category, there are also those student-athletes with low test scores who will also reclassify and hopefully raise their test scores to eligible status within the course of their time at Birmingham Prep. A JuCo player is either a player who has not met NCAA core GPA standards or a player who is attempting to transfer from one 4-year school to another. These players would be what is known as a 4-2-4 transfer.

Q: What does it mean to reclassify?
A: A high school player has a given graduation date and to reclassify would mean that they will essentially continue their resume building for college without triggering their eligibility, thus reclassifying into a later class. For example, a May 2018 high school graduate who is considered a prep player (as mentioned above) can take less than 12 credit hours in Fall 2018 and boost their test scores and/or add additional film while becoming a December graduate for the class of 2019. There is a recent trend of student-athletes graduating high school early in order to enroll in time for spring practice, prep players are participating in this popular path.

Q: How does Birmingham Prep help me get re-recruited?
A: The Cardinal program has coaching connections with college coaches both locally and throughout the country. In 2016, 60% of our eligible players received offers to 4-year colleges. In 2017, our championship roster raised that percentage to 87%. In addition to coaching connections formed over decades of coaching experience, Birmingham Prep established a partnership with a recruiting service where each player will have their own profile with periodically updated film. This profile will be viewed and sent to college coaches throughout the season who will have the opportunity to monitor our player's progress. Additionally, our players will attend a combine after the season where they work out in front of and meet over 100 college coaches. These coaches will also be able to meet and discuss players with Birmingham Prep coaching stuff the following day. Further, Birmingham Prep compiles information on each player's background through transcripts, recommendations and personal testimonials in order for college coaches to receive a complete view of a recruit's background not only their short stint as a Cardinal.

Q: How can doing a postgraduate or prep year help you out of high school?
A: A postgraduate year allows student-athletes to ease into college life with a limited class schedule while also focusing on remediation on possible areas of academic weakness. Student-athletes can potentially leave Birmingham Prep with higher test scores and college credit within their reclassification that signals a commitment to academics to 4-year schools regardless of a football future.

For more specific questions please email us at info@birminghamprepcardinals.org