At Birmingham Prep we understand how important it can be to maximize your return on an investment. We strive to keep costs low for our student-athletes while providing a first-class experience in our whole student development.

Our three-part development (Academic, Athletic and Spiritual) allows parents the peace of mind when making an investment in their child's future. Heading into the third year of our program's existence we strive to assure our players are prepared to attend a 4-year college whether their football dream is realized or not. Many families find it both realistic and helpful to invest a little less than $8,000 now in order for their son to earn a scholarship or lessen the blow of student loans when playing at the next level.

All students are required to fill out their FAFSA and/or encouraged to explore additional financial options if necessary through a Third Party (https://zippyloan.com/).

Unlike many postgraduate/prep programs, Birmingham Prep Football is affiliated with its own Foundation, the Birmingham Prep Foundation which is a 501(c)3 entity. Donations can be made toward the general fund or earmarked for certain expenses. For more information contact us at info@birminghamprepcardinals.org

List of Fees

  • Total Tuition for Birmingham Prep Football is $3,000 is broken down into the following fees:

Tuition Breakdown:

  • $1,500 Football Fee which includes $500 non-refundable, committment fee
  • $500 Travel Fee
  • $500 Enrollment Fee
  • $500 Administrative Fee

  • For a total of $3,000 for the total cost of the program.

    If a player is committed and a balance of $2,500 is paid in full by June 15, 2021, Birmingham Prep will waive the Administrative Fee. Otherwise, the full $3,000 is due by July 25, 2021.

    The program costs does not include housing or meals at this time, however, Birmingham Prep is working diligently to find a permanent housing partner and is working with local restaurants to offer Cardinal players affordable options for meals. Additionally, the Cardinal family sponsor Swamp Monster BBQ provides dinner on Tuesday night at our team small group while another sponsor, Macon-a-Way Foundation provides food for the team on Friday nights following practice.

    While Birmingham Prep does not have a traditional campus, we have created a Cardinal community within the Pelham/Hoover/Vestavia area which has embraced our team and mission.
Commitment Fee : $500

Total Football Fee
: $1,500

Travel or Administrative Fee : $1,000

Enrollment Fee : $750

Pay Any Amount : $

**Limited Financial Aid is also available